Thermic trolleys

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Project Description

Thermic trolleys

CAPRICORNO: Thermic trolleys with stainless steel structure with different capacity, from 1xGN1/1 up to 4xGN1/1. Well with double insulated walls, 24 cm. depth with drain cock. Bain marie heating with immersion heaters and mechanical thermostat (+30°/+90°C) with indicator light. 4 Non-marking bumpers and two castors with brake included. Lid-holder with condensed-steam tray collector included.

EROS BM: Heated buffets, laminated wood structure or stainless steel structure. Upper fixed sneezeguard. Two frontal tip-up dish-holders included. Well 18 cm. deep with drain cock. Bain marie heating. Mechanical thermostat (+30°/+90°C) with indicator light. Lighting with neon lamp. Two castors with brake included.

EROS MIX: Half refrigerated-half heated buffets. Laminated wood structure with upper fix sneezeguard. 2 Frontal tip-up dih holders included. Wells 18 cm. deep with 2 drain cocks. Static refrigeration gas R404a settled by a digital thermostat, cold well equipped by a s/steel grid. Bain-marie heated side settled by a mechanical thermostat (+30°/+90°) with indicator light. Neon lamp and 2 castors with brake. EROS BM/PLC: bain-marie heated buffet integrated with an heated plate dispenser equalizer.

EROS SELF SERVICE: Neutral buffet to completion of the self-service line. EROS SAL: equipped with two drawers and two closed cupboards. Laminated wood structure. Stainless steel top. EROS PLC: heated plate dispenser equalizer equipped with plastic lid suitable for dishes with Ø19-26cm (PLC 19), or Ø27-33cm (PLC 27). Laminated wood structure. EROS A2: useful complement when an irregular self service line is required, laminated wood shelves. Two castors with brake included.

Check out the legend of available finishings

Thermic trolleys optionals

Our trolleys can be improved with different optionals. Have a look at the following tables to verify available optionals.