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Manna Renato & C. carrelli was born in 1974 thanks to the union among Renato Manna and Giuseppina Garofalo who, together, have always pursued great value goals, every day with seriousness and competence at the service of customers to offer high-profile services at competitive prices. After about 40 years, Manna Renato & C. has gained a solid experience in the field of production and sale of hotel trolleys, as well as for industrial realities, providing logistic solutions to numerous structures located throughout Italy and Europe.

Manna Renato & C. thanks to a consolidated production and distribution network on the european territory puts at the service of its customers different types of trolleys for hotels: service trolleys, ideal for breakfast/lunch/dinner management, among which you can find specific products such as table-clearing trolleys, thermic and refrigerated trolleys, these ones particularly suitable for the correct maintenance of food temperature; Floor service trolleys, including laundry trolleys and linen trolleys, which are well suited to the care and cleanliness of rooms and living spaces. There are also luggage trolleys, ideal for reception services or specifically designed for transportation.