Room service

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Project Description

Room service

MARCAB/EASY: Room service trolleys for linen replacement in the rooms, or cleaning and garbage collection. They come with washable and water repellent removable bags.

EUROPA: Floor service trolleys designed to increase discretion, efficiency and flexibility of room service operations. EUROPA T in the new version is lighter and quieter and can count on many optionals. EUROPA LE in laminated wood available in 12 finishes. EUROPA A completes the set by responding to the need for intervention even in the outside and on any surface. Equipped with super-elastic wheels and lockable door.

CASTORE : Trolleys for room service and dining on the floors. Castore LE blends perfectly the classic and luxurious style of high-quality hotels. Castore BB has a modern and light style in spite of its rugged structure. Polluce is completely open on the sides and allows quick access to content. Ideal for solutions with tight spaces.

LEONE: Floor cleaning service trolley with robust structure. It comes with bumper.

PALACE: Room service cart combining functionality and elegance; it is available in 4 different finishes, with a flexible layout, easy to clean and easy to use thanks to the sliding closure.


Check out the legend of available finishings

Room service trolleys optionals

Our trolleys can be improved with different optionals. Have a look at the following tables to verify available optionals.